Document Shredding Event

Southern Oregon, Rogue Valley,
Ashland, Medford, Talent, Central Point, Eagle Point

Identity theft strikes more than 10 million Americans per year!

Things that should be shredded:

  • Legal Documents
  • Medical Records
  • Financial Statements
  • Accounting Files/Records
  • Personnel Files
  • Audits/Surveys
  • Bank Statements
  • Tax Records
  • Receipts/Invoices
  • Canceled Checks
  • Business Plans
  • Photographs
  • Computer Reports
  • Credit Card Numbers
Neal at Free Shred Event

As a community service, I offer a FREE document shredding event three times each year at a convenient East Medford location. At this FREE shredding event, ISecure has a shredding truck on hand to destroy those boxes of personal papers that you've been storing in your attic, garage or office.

Identity theft costs American business and consumers more than $53 billion per year according to the Federal Trade Commission.

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The next FREE shredding event will be this Fall!

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Coming This Fall - 2022

Rogue Credit Union Parking Lot
955 N Phoenix Road Medford, Oregon 97504

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